• 1. Match your needs, wants and desires to affordable properties.
  • 2. Answer honestly and accurately any questions you may have.
  • 3. Show you properties best suited to your criteria regardless of the listing company.
  • 4. Advise you of information the lender will require for loan application (if applicable).
  • 5. Give you an estimate of your monthly costs prior to previewing homes and a second estimate for the specific home you select.
  • 6. Collect and share pertinent information on taxes, special assessments, utility costs, bylaws and restrictions, etc. with you.
  • 7. Disclose material facts known about properties.
  • 8. Represent you in negotiations with utmost skill, experience and honesty.
  • 9. Investigate current finance programs to suit your needs and explain lender guidelines for home loans.
  • 10. Provide you with information regarding special needs/concerns and community services.
  • 11. Assist you with the transfer of utilities.
  • 12. Explain the types of insurance associated with home ownership.
  • 13. Prepare a computerized amortization schedule for you free of charge.
  • 14. Inform you of current market conditions.

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