Commercial, Condo & Multi-Family

Re: Alan Tweedle

Just a personal note regarding my recent dealings with Alan Tweedle; as well as being honest, forthright and hardworking. I found him to be a cut above.

I wish to congratulate him on his standard of ethics and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Customer Service

Everyone talks about customer service and producing results, but Alan Tweedle, unlike so many in the business, really delivers…on both counts. Five times now he has sold homes for me and five times he has never let me down. I’m not just talking about “closing the deal” but giving timely advice and realistic insights into what is going on in the local and regional real estate market. He provides all of this with a peppering of good humour (which I appreciate) and a humble ability not to take himself too seriously. Alan is as enjoyable to be with as he is at doing a good job.

If you’re his client, you’re his client for life. Today, that kind of commitment is pretty rare but that’s simply what Alan is all about.

Jennifer Patrick

First Time Buyers

Dear Alan;

As first time home buyers, we were unsure of the process. You very patiently put our concerns at rest and made it a very exciting yet relaxed experience. Thank you for being so candid and honest.

Michael and Paula Mann


Dear Alan:

Being transferred from another city can be pretty unsettling. However, we were fortunated to have had you looking after our interests. We appreciated your knowledge and valued your recommendations. You gave us a very good feeling about St. Catharines and we thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Jimmy & Ann Miller.

Single Family


We want to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled the marketing presentation of our home. We are sure those are the reasons it sold as quickly as it did…

Guy & Eileen Boulay